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"They say the bridge is over, the bridge is over
Nah this is a time we destroy and rebuild it" - Nas

I’ve been wanting to try and re-launch things here for a while but each time I try I either get caught up in some fad, or just psyche myself out before I ever start. This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to get this place back on track and it probably won’t be the last.

So let’s just burn it all down and try again. First things first, let’s ditch Wordpress. I’m tired of it. I hate logging in and being confined to using it’s WYSIWIG editor. I’ve migrated hosts a few times now and each time I’m reminded of how much a nuisance the entire procedure is. I hate trying to tweak themes on the server and having to jump through hoops to make local editing work. I hate having to worry about caching and optimizing DB settings, and gross installing a plugin not knowing what virtual STD’s I’m inheriting. No more. Let’s dumb things down and as is the way of the world, make what’s old new again. So I welcome Jekyll. Simple static content based sites, with the ability to extend, rebuild and launch if you’re inclined to do so. Perfect.

Jekyll resolves most if not all my beefs I had with Wordpress, but what I was expecting to be a seamless experience turned into me fighting a framework that has yet to mature. For one, inheritable, themes are just now being introduced. I blame this lack of maturity in part for adding a learning curve of things I assumed would just work, delaying this announcement.

Damn. only 3 paragraphs in and I’m starting to remember why I may have really quit from blogging. This shit takes time. Ah well, let’s see where it goes. Hi, my names Shinda, here’s hoping I say things worthy of your time, and not get distracted by simply trying to re-launch on a new engine each time.

Cover image: Blow It All By MK01 @ Deviant Art

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