Comparing OVH Bandwidth

Wanting to move my Plex Library to the cloud, I came across OVH as a

OVH is a European / Canadian hosting provider with some cheap hosting rates, and a direct competitor to AWS. They offer a object storage that rivals Amazon's S3 and at time of writing is cheaper.

AWS - $0.0300/GB (USD) vs OVH - 0.0125/GB (CAD) making it seemingly ideal for media storage.

However one of the confusing parts is comparing OVH's various and seemingly similar hosting options and how they interact with there Object Store. The following findings compared OVH's VPS Cloud 2 and Elastic Cloud -EG-7 plans.

Test VPS Cloud 2 EG-7
Downloading 862 MB/file 1m23.665s 0m43.634s
Downloading 862 MB/file 2nd Time 0m13.935s 0m1.097s
Downloading 862 MB/file 3rd Time 0m6.872s 0m1.239s
Uploading 1 GB file 0m30.891s 0m18.476s
Uploading 1 GB file 2nd Run 4m1.514s  N/A
  • Transfers were completed using s3ql mounted as:mount.s3ql --authfile /etc/s3qlcreds.txt --allow-other swiftks://auth.cloud.ovh.net/BHS1:test /media/test
  • Results measured using the following:Download: time cp /media/test/download.bin ~/
    Upload: time cp ~/upload.bin /media/test/
  • Sample upload file generated using: openssl rand -out sample.bin -base64 $(( 2**30 * 3/4 ))



Android Troubleshooting & Reference

Rebooting a device without using hardware keys

adb reboot recovery
adb reboot

Pushing files to device

adb push /external_sdcard
// Internal MEmory -> /sdcard


PHPUnit Test

Quick PHPUnit tip:

Run a single test case from a test file using the --filter option.

  1. phunit --filter testRunOnlyThis



2015 TV Power Rankings

Loving TV felt like it was well overdue to just power rank everything starting with TV shows:

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Walking Dead
  3. Marco Polo
  4. House of Cards
  5. The 100
  6. Suits
  7. Daredevil
  8. Modern Family
  9. Big Bang Theory
  10. Nashville
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