Go Ahead and Freak…

By all means, freak. If you're so inclined to. Ya, I look different, I got a beard, a turban, and if that's your sole purpose for hating me, then sure that's pretty ignorant. Maybe you know my kind a little more in depth, and have had experiences with my people in the past. Maybe you heard about how we like to drink at bars, drink is drink after all. Or maybe it's how we're not particularly fond of fighting one on one, but that's because it's not fun until cousin Bicky and his crew come. Maybe you've heard about how we don't like tables and chairs, but like that's some extremists who look just like me, and for some reason I think you should care. Honestly though don't freak, because you know... I'm Sikh.

I come from a lineage of moral acts, from sacrifices and you know all that, but really I'm just sad that you know you ignore and neglect that. Just look at what my forefathers did, since I feel no inclination to erase your doubts, just look at our resume of royalty. If the sacrifices made on the wheel fighting to preserve Hindustan weren't enough, then you're racist, and don't know anything, you're scum!

See this crown on my head does act as a reminder to do good, but don't let me just tell you that I'm about doing good, because words are weak, let me show show you. Don't let me tell you about how much food Gurdwara's prepare, because really its 90% our own kind eating there. Let me point out how little of us are in jail, but truth is I'm not going to tell you about my neighbors mother-in-law making her get an abortion because she was having a daughter, or that another's grandfather was raping his niece.

By all means freak, unless off course I've given you reason not to.

Let me work on my own deeds and try to have them speak for my race. I will continue to work hard at preventing these blundering mistakes. I refuse to hide behind my history that we've collectively defaced, and instead of begging you not to fear me, let me give you reason to clear some of your doubts. After all if my actions don't reflect all that good, then what's sharing some viral video really all about?


AWS Headaches Vol. 1

Ran into this problem the other night after cloning an AWS instance, and trying to use a newly minted EBS.

Launched an AWS instance and got:

Server.InternalError: Internal error on launch

Luckily thanks to the internets and google came across the solution on:

Ville's Corner: Did you get "Server.InternalError: Internal error on launch" when launching an EBS-booted Amazon EC2 instance? Check your device name....

and turned out just needed to switch:




Auto-Switcher Pools

Seems like auto switching pools are all the rage, these days, and it makes sense if you consider the rate at which new coins keep popping up. If you don't have time to pay attention the to crypto markets daily, and really only care about a specific coin, then automatically switching to the most profitable coin and having it auto-convert these multi-pools are a godsend.

While I originally started with switchercoin, after a while I started to question it's profitability and thought about looking into some of other auto switching pools. To simplify things I compiled the list below in that event that others may be searching for something similar.

Feel free to leave a comment if you know of other pools that I missed, and I'll add them here. Hopefully I'll get around to reviewing them at sometime, and even prepare a comparison post.

Site Auto Converts To Fee
http://www.altcoinspool.com/index.php BTC 2%
https://pool.trademybit.com/home/ BTC 0.5 % - 2% (If Auto-switching)
https://hashco.ws BTC 2%
https://switchercoin.com LTC 2%
http://www.middlecoin.com BTC 3% + ~0.4% (~3.88%)
https://www.multipool.us/ BTC 1.5%
http://wafflepool.com/ BTC 1%
http://stats.altcoinplex.com/ BTC/LTC/DOGE 2% + 0.3 - 0.5%
http://megamultipool.com BTC/LTC 2%

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