The Dude, Raj


Majority of you recognize the dude in this picture, but there's probably a handful of you who don't. So I'd like to introduce you to Raj Grewal, who if the numbers hold true, will be your liberal candidate for Brampon East.

If you grew up on this side of the block, went to school here, or were active with the Liberal party over the last decade, then chances are you're already well acquainted with him. I met him while he was at Greenbriar as a kid who I'd play basketball with anytime I got together with my cousins at Professors Lake. Later I'd know him as the Singh from Ching, who I'd run into at Dixie Gurdwara Friday nights, and then as a young man who I'd encounter at any Liberal gala, or fundraiser that I'd attend. Now Raj is the man I've come to cross paths with anytime I visit LA Fitness, seen at 6 AM lifting weights or late at nights working the treadmill. In the coming years I hope to know Raj as a successful MP continuing to work hard as he has shown to do graduating from Laurier, Schulich (MBA) and Osgoode Law.

Raj does have a tendency to go unnoticed, he doesn't toot his own horn very much nor does he stop to take selfies all that often. He's not a face you're used to seeing on TV or all over social media, (well that's probably changed). He's not one to exaggerate his accomplishments or try and impress you with lofty plans to win you over. He's a grinder. He's the guy that's always been in the background grinding it out. The leader in the back working at making events possible. The one in charge of making sure everything goes smooth.

Now that you know a bit about Raj and if you're eligible to do so, I ask that you vote for him this Sunday. Hopefully in the coming months you'll get to know Raj better, as he introduces himself to you as the liberal party candidate for our riding come the next federal election.

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